ART of SPIRIT  is an awakening center that offers spiritual insight,  inspiration, metaphysical info, evolutionary tools, and spirit-enhancing resources (mostly free).  Spiritual growth, personal development, and planetary awakening are what we are all about.

Free RESOURCES:  Links, downloads (ebooks, audio, video, reports etc.) on spiritually focused individuals (Awakeners) -SPIRIT SCIENTISTS, SPIRIT SPEAKERS, SPIRIT CHANNELS, and SAINTS & MYSTICS, as well as links to Sacred Texts and other metaphysical writings. 

SPIRITUAL/MEDITATION  AUDIO is offered in the form of meditation music specifically designed to deepen brainwaves to the theta level - greatly enhancing the meditation experience.  In addition, some CDs will help you absorb metaphysical concepts, and combat self-defeating belief systems - changing them to more spiritually creative ones.  

In the SPIRITUAL VIDEO LIBRARY, we can view:

1) Spirit Science - various laws, phenomenon, concepts and theories that have a spiritual connection.  We endeavor to make the case that science, rather than being opposed to spirituality, is actually heavily supportive of it.

2)  Inspirational Stories - various clips of events that touch the heart and inspire the Spirit. 

3)  Spirituality and Famous Celebrities - sometimes celebrities are in a better position to transmit spiritual concepts to a large number of people.  See clips of Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld etc.

4)  Spirit Specialists - Metaphysical speakers, spirit channels, and yogis and saints share their views on the nature of reality, the Self, creativity, etc.   

5)  "Spirit Talk" - Video Blog -  We discuss various issues on the theme of spiritual evolution, metaphysical understanding, and planetary awakening.  



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