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CD # 1 - The  Divine  Wisdom  of  India: Brain Wave




This CD is part of our “BRAIN WAVE” series.   It is called ‘Brain Wave’ because the music/audio has been specifically designed to lower brain wave activity to deeper, more meditative levels (THETA), while at the same time synchronizing left and right hemispheres of the brain via our BINAURAL frequencies.  This is done in such a way that you focus on the music (keyboard, aums, chanting etc.) and effortlessly end up going deep within yourSELF.

Now to our “Divine Wisdom of India” CD specifically.  The goal is to ‘ABSORB THE SPIRITUAL WISDOM OF INDIA INTO OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS VIA MUSIC/ MEDITATION/ REPETITION. After allowing the brainwave music to take effect, your subconscious mind will be “fertile ground” for the absorption of India’s spiritual wisdom.  A collection of TRUTHS by INDIA'S TOP YOGIS and TOP SCRIPTURE will enter your awareness.  As you repeatedly listen, your beliefs will change, inspiration will flow in, and you will start to act on these universal truths. The more you act, the more you reinforce your growing knowingness, thus RAISING YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.    




   This CD contains the following tracks: 

1) "WISDOM OF THE BHAGAVAD GITA - BRAIN WAVE" -   featuring powerful selected quotes from this major Hindu scripture, set to brain wave deepening meditation music with AUMs.  (14 min.)  

2) "WISDOM OF THE SAINTS: BRAINWAVE" -  featuring the combined wisdom of India's top saints, including Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Kabir and other self-realized souls, set to brain wave deepening meditation music with AUMs.  (24 min.) 

3)  "LAKSHMI'S GRACE AFFIRMATION" -  featuring an affirmation for abundance that invokes the grace of goddess Maha Lakshmi, set to brain wave deepening meditation music with AUMs.  (7 min)

4)  "WELCOME TO ATMAN - BRAINWAVE"  -  featuring an instrumental track containing brain wave deepening meditation music combined with AUMs. (24 min)

5) "LAKSHMI MANTRA - DUET"  -  The Lakshmi mantra sung in a duet and set to authentic sounding Indian music. (5 min)

    WORDS HAVE ENERGY, WORDS HAVE POWER.  Meditation and repetition of these tracks with full trust in their reality has the power to help you gain greater insight into the nature of reality and your purpose in it.  

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