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          CD # 2 - Yoga  Nidra :  Brain  Wave



Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique that can be used to take you to deeper levels of PHYSICAL/MENTAL RELAXATION as well as deeper states of SPIRITUAL AWARENESS. In additon, it helps activate your body's energy system - including meridians and CHAKRAS. This CD guides you through this ancient Yogic technique, using powerful BINAURAL BEAT FREQUENCIES and potent RESONATING AUM CHANTING to enhance your mind to deeper THETA  BRAIN WAVES levels. The audio has been specifically  designed   to SYNCHRONIZE BOTH HALVES OF THE BRAIN, causing them to become entrained.

The STATE OF MIND achieved from the combination of this ancient YOGIC TECHNIQUE and the BRAINWAVE AUDIO has the effect of allowing the SUBCONCIOUS MIND to start to PERMEATE your CONCIOUS MIND, enriching it a little more each time you do the program. Combining Yoga Nidra practice with a regular meditation practice will deliver WONDERFUL BENEFITS to BODY, MIND, and SOUL.

The great Tantric Yogi SWAMI RAMA of the Himalayas was a strong advocate of Yoga Nidra and all its benefits.
He felt it was effective in harmonizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, becoming a crucial tool in the EVOLUTION OF SPIRIT/CONCIOUSNESS. 

For background information on YOGA NIDRA and its benefits,  CLICK HERE



This CD contains five tracks, totalling about 70 minutes.
- The first track (over 5 min) is for INTRODUCTION / INSTRUCTION purposes (listening once is enough).
- The second track (over 11 min) takes your attention through a FULL BODY SCAN.
- The third track (over 15 min) takes you through a detailed BODY BREATHING exercise, focusing on the CHAKRAS .
- The fourth track (over 15 min) takes you deep into HEART AWARENESS (the conclusion of the three-track program).
- Bonus track (20 min) A deep, wordless meditation audio track designed to DEEPEN MEDITATION and promote MIND, BODY, SOUL, REJUVENATION.

NOTE: Yoga Nidra is done LYING ON YOUR BACK horizontally on a comfortable surface (eg. a bed using a thin pillow).
A set of decent quality HEADPHONES is important, for it will deliver the frequencies effectively.

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