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NEALE DONALD WALSCH  (GOD) is the person who channeled 'God' and wrote the incredibly popular series of books called 'CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD'.  His writings bridge modern 'new age' thought popular in the West, with the traditional spirituality of the East.  In Book 1, every aspect of 'reality' is covered -  from life's purpose to reincarnation to creativity.  He says that people can't except God's system because they believe it's 'too good to be true.'  He also states that we are here to create the "grandest version of ourselves."

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DARRYL ANKA (BASHAR)  is  one of the most popular channels active today.  He has been channeling the extra-terrestrial entity called Bashar.  As Bashar, he describes the nature of reality and our ability to create it with our minds, beliefs, and emotions. He stresses the importance of parallel realities and their role in our creativity and evolution. He claims that we are the "heroes of our story"  and that 'negative' challenges we experience in life are important for soul evolution as they provide a context for growth and expression.

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                 AUDIO  -  "Beyond the Secret" (partial)          (42-min mp3 listening)

ESTHER HICKS (ABRAHAM)  for many years spread her message of creativity with her husband Jerry Hicks (until his death in 2012).  She communicates with a group of light entities called 'Abraham'.  Their message is that we create our own reality with our thoughts - and that our emotions are barometers to how well we are in alignment with the fulfillment of our desires.  She was one of the main inspirations and narrators for the hit movie 'The Secret'.  She is well-respected in new thought circles and has collaborated with great speakers such as Wayne Dyer.

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Links to:  AUDIO  -  "Processes:  Virtual Reality"   (14-min mp3 listening)
                 AUDIO  -  "Processes:  Pivoting"     (13-min mp3 listening)

JANE ROBERTS (SETH)  is generally considered the first person to channel a non-physical entity that gave detailed information on the nature of reality and the divinity of humans. Seth popularized the concept that "we create our own reality."  Specifically, Seth states that our thoughts, imaginations, dreams, beliefs, and emotions are all critical in the formation of daily reality.   Seth also stressed the existence of 'probable realities' and 'probable selves'. His take on reincarnation involved the existence of 'simultaneous' lives that were all connected to an oversoul, which he called the 'entity'.  

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Links to:   AUDIO  -  "There is No Death"            (26-min mp3 listening)

JZ KNIGHT (RAMTHA)   has been channeling Ramtha since the 70's.  Ramtha's message is one of love, oneness, creativity and our destiny to reach godhood.  Ramtha echoes the common points of all the channeled entities - namely that thought, belief and emotion are key elements in the creation of reality.  More unique to Ramtha is the focus on kundalini energy, the sevens seals (chakras), and the electrical activation of the brain.  This nicely ties in with Kriya Yoga and some other Indian spiritual practices. JZ Knight operates a school of enlightenment in the US.  She was a main force behind the Spirit science film "What the Bleep do We Know?

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Links to:   AUDIO  -   Ramtha:  Summary     (42-min mp3 listening)
                  VIDEO  -  Ramtha: "Your Thoughts Matter"

HELEN SCHUCMAN (COURSE IN MIRACLES)   is famous for channeling the Holy Spirit (which she personally thought was Jesus) into the massively famous book  A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  This well-respected book is occasionally quoted by Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and other renown spiritual voices.  A major theme in the course is 'forgiveness' in a slightly different sense - in the sense that no attack is real, and that it is just a call for help from a fellow lost soul.   We all have a Christ within that can fully manifest when we see the Christ in all others.

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