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NASSIM HARAMEIN  is a physicist who is currently considered the "coolest spiritual scientist today."   He talks about consciousness, the unified field, sacred geometry, black holes and has his own unique ideas on the theory of everything.  He incorporates some concepts from eastern mystical traditions such as chakras, referring to them as octaves of energy.  He is challenged by many mainstream scientists, yet he seems to defend his views well during scientific debates, and his theories seem to explain the "holes" in traditional physics theories.

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ROBERT LANZA  is a doctor, scientist, professor, and stem cell expert.  In addition to his international recognition for stem cell research and the numerous success stories, he is also known for his more controversial theory called Biocentrism - which posits that biology is supreme in the universe, and that life creates the universe and not the other way around.  He also suggests that our present may be influenced by things going on in the "future", and that dreams may be extensions of physical reality.  Human consciousness is a key component in his theories.  He has appeared on Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People' list.

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STUART HAMEROFF  is a physician and researcher focusing on the brain and consciousness.  He talks about microtubules related to brain cell division, and their role in forming complex human awareness.  He incorporates quantum theory in his work as well.  He has worked closely with the well-respected and world renown physicist Roger Penrose.  He appeared in the spiritual-science film "What the bleep Do We Know?".

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RUPERT SHELDRAKE   is an author and researcher of parapsychology and most known for his theory of  "morphic resonance", which basically states that natural systems have memory.  His theory can account for telepathy, precognition and other paranormal phenomena.  His work has generally not been accepted by the scientific community.  However, his work is supported by those in the spiritual/consciousness movement. 

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DEAN RADIN  is an author, researcher and chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Studies who has focused on the psychic and paranormal aspects of consciousness. He believes the mind does indeed act "from a distance" and uses quantum mechanics (which allows for non-local action and the role of consciousness in any experiment) to be the vehicle.  He was one of the featured scientists on the well known movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

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 Link to:   VIDEO -  "Mind over Matter:  Intention / Attention"                                                          REPORT -  "Assessing Evidence of Mind over Matter" 
                 AUDIO  -  Skeptico Interview: Yogic Powers   (38-min mp3)








LYNNE MCTAGGART  is an author, activist, and scientific researcher, know for her countless experiments that show a relationship between intentions and the way the universe responds to them in our daily lives.  She focuses on the fact that there is a field (see quantum physics) that we are all a part of, and it responses to intention and belief.  Her most popular works include the books "The Field" and "The Intention Experiment"  and the film "The Living Matrix".  

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  Link to:  VIDEO -  "The Living Matrix"      (official movie trailer)
                 EBOOK  -  "Living the Field - Lesson One"
                 AUDIO  -  "Intention and the Law of Attraction"       (55-min mp3)
                 VIDEO  -  Presentation:  Power of Intention       (2 hr)

ERVIN LASZLO  is a systems theorist who combines what he calls quantum consciousness with philosophy to come up with his own view of the nature of reality. He believes in what eastern mystics call the akashic field, a field of information in the universe that is accessible to all.  He states that this field nicely explains the "impossibilities" of quantum physics.  He advocates the evolution of consciousness as the means to a better world, and uses his position of founder of The Budapest Club to promote his cause.

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  Link to:      ARTICLE -  "Cosmic Consciousness - Hologram Theory"           

MARIO BEAUREGARD  is a "non-materialist" neuroscientist currently affiliated with the Department of Psychology, University of Arizona. His main thrust is that mind and consciousness are much more than the activity of nerve cells in our brains, and can exist independent of the brain.  His research studies seem to support that assertion. He is a pioneering neuroscientist in regards to neuroimaging and human emotions.  He is also well known for his research on the neurobiology of spiritual experiences.

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   Link to:    VIDEO -  Interview with Lilou Mace
               AUDIO -  Interview with SKEPTIKO  (47-min mp3)
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