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DEEPAK CHOPRA  is perhaps the most well-known face for this new age/consciousness/awakening movement.  His approach appeals to the mystical heart.  He combines Indian philosophy - vedanta - with modern quantum theory and brain/anatomy research.  His numerous books contain invaluable wisdom to help transform us into creative, spiritual beings.  The  Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, How to Know God  and The Spontaneous Fullfillment of Desire  are just a few of his numerous best sellers.

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ECKHART TOLLE    iis known for his focus on the present moment and the stillness that it holds.  He suggests that awareness is our true identity. And since awareness is one  -  WE are therefore, the universe.  He presents the timeless message of beingness (popular in the East) in a way that connects with western readers.  Many believe him to be a fully Self-Realized human being.  The Power of Now,  Stillness Speaks and  A New Earth are his most well-known best sellers.

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            AUDIO  -   "Beyond the thinking Mind"   (18-min mp3 listening)

                AUDIO  -   "The Now"      (13-min mp3 listening)

DR WAYNE DYER  was (deceasedknown for his countless books focusing on the self-help and personal development aspect of spirituality.  He provides a down-to-earth take on metaphysics, easily understandable to many people.  Desire, intention and beliefs are stressed.  He is good friends with Deepak Chopra and they complement each other's approach nicely.  The Power of Intention, You'll See it When You Believe It and Your Sacred Self  are just a few of his many books.

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GREGG BRADEN  is known for various aspects of mysticism / metaphysics, including studying ancient spiritual texts and interpreting them and applying their wisdom.  He also explores concepts such as the holographic nature of  the universe and our changeable DNA.   The Divine Matrix, The God Code, and The Lost Mode of Prayer are a few of his books.

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BENTINHO MASSARO  is quickly becoming the "new kid on the block" so to speak. He is a perfect bridge between Beingness and inspired action.  He has found a way to take the foundation of non-duality and shape it into a brilliantly inspiring philosophy that includes all forms of spirituality, including channeled knowledge and law of attraction concepts.  He puts the passion back into the creative expression of All-That-Is through its infinite number of individual souls.

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RHONDA  BYRNE  is the successful creator of the blockbuster film The Secret, and the book of the same name.  She put "the law of attraction"  back on the map for the general population.  She simply applied the principles of some of the earlier writers (Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles etc.) and put it all together nicely.  She now has a series of books, including The Power, The Hero, and The Magic.

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ALLEN WATTS  (deceased) is perhaps the most well-known Westerner to go to the East and master the spiritual philosophy of Asia.  He focused on Zen Buddhism the most, but he also explored Hinduism and other mystical traditions.  He stressed the supremacy of consciousness.  He brought back many of his understandings back to the West and was involved in teaching this philosophy in a way understandable to the masses.  He said the universe is "just playing hide-and-seek with itself." 

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